Drug sale goes bad, leads to Lehigh Acres home invasion, arrests of 3 teens

A home invasion in Lehigh Acres led to the arrest of three teens.

According to the man, whose home was invaded, he was held by gunpoint and his toddler was in the home when it happened.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said Joseph Rostran, 18, and Isariel Delestre, 19, and a 17-year-old were arrested for the home invasion.

The victim said he is familiar with the teens.

According to an arrest report, the victim was targeted during a drug transaction gone bad. The teens were supposed to purchase marijuana at the home but instead fled with money and the drug.

“I approach the first person and he put a gun to my face and immediately I try to grab his gun and bring him down. That’s just instant reaction for me, but then when I realized my son was in the next room I kind of just let the gun go and cooperated with them,” the victim said.

It was the sound of his crying son that made him stop fighting.

“It wasn’t like I was terrified; I was just more worried for my son,” the victim said.

But when the three teens left, the victim ran outside and got the license plate number of the vehicle they fled in.

Then he called 911.

It didn’t take long for deputies to make the arrest.

His son is safe but shaken up.

“I wouldn’t say he knows exactly what was going on, but I left for a little bit and I came back,” the victim said. “I wasn’t gone for long, but to him, I felt like I was gone for a while and I felt that.”

Neighbor Samantha Trevino is a mother herself.

She said what happened in the neighborhood scares her.

“Take what you need to take; we call it even just spare my kids and myself because nothing is worth losing what you have for your family,” Trevino said.

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
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