Collier County Sheriff’s Office finds fugitive couple

Published: September 27, 2021 1:10 PM EDT
Updated: September 27, 2021 5:31 PM EDT

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office in Washington, a Naples man is accused of being a “prolific” identity thief.

Anatoly V. Kutsar, 38, had been the subject of investigations by Clark County since February.

In March, a search warrant revealed that there were nearly 20 identification cards from Oregon, Florida, Washington, and Texas. All of them with Kutsar’s picture and various names of identity theft victims.

In June, Kutsar bought a car in Washington using a stolen identity.

He has since been arrested after being spotted with his girlfriend at Holiday Inn located at 3837 Tollgate Boulevard in Collier County. Kutsar, and his girlfriend, Rachel Kaz-Clark attempted to exit the hotel using a hole they created in the hotel’s bathroom. After getting through the hole, they jumped out of a window.

Between the two of them, they accrued eight out-of-state warrants for their arrest. Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk said, “They just commit crime for a living. and apparently enjoy it. or did enjoy it until the 22nd.”

“They attempted an escape. but it wasn’t from the room they went into. it was from a different room, they had not rented they had a hole in the room they were in to get into the room that was next door, so they tried climbing out of that window,” said Rambosk.

A deputy on the scene saw Kutsar and Kaz-Clark were attempting to escape after they noticed he was a law enforcement officer. Neither responded to calls to stop running from the deputy.

Kaz-Clark split from Kutsar and wasn’t found. Kutsar was tased by a deputy after refusing to stop running. He was able to get the prongs out of his body but wasn’t able to escape.

“And that’s a great thing, not just here in Florida but across the country,” he said.

There was damage of $1,000 or more to the hotel room. But these two may face a whole host of charges including burglary, criminal mischief and resisting law enforcement.

The pair managed to swipe more than 1,000 pieces of personal property including watches, bracelets, glasses, keys, garage door openers and family heirlooms. But, the pair also had a bunch of weapons as well, including two semiautomatic rifles, a revolver a semiautomatic handgun and a ballistic vest.

evidence table
Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office

“They’ve left a trail of victims throughout the trail of the United States,” said Rambosk.

Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk believes his deputies got to these two just in time. “Think about what might’ve been planned with this type of firepower. I can tell you it’s nothing good,” Sheriff Rambosk said.

Sheriff Rambosk also said the pair didn’t have a saw when they cut the hole between the hotel rooms. They simply used a knife and got through.

Clark was located by deputies the very next day.

Investigators say a storage unit next to the Holiday Inn is where the two were keeping many of those stolen items. They also believe the couple had two additional storage units of stolen property and authorities are currently trying to locate those.

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