Memorial service held on Long Island for Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito loved to document her travel adventures — so everyone at Sunday’s memorial service will be able to watch clips of her full of life.

Services for Gabby will be held at Moloney Funeral Home, 825 Main Street, Holbrook, New York on Sunday, from 12 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Two TVs with a photo montage and tribute to Gabby will play along with a playlist with her favorite music throughout the funeral home

The memorial card has a photo rendering of Gabby with wings — the back of the card has a poem written by her dad.

Connor Moloney, director of Moloney Funeral Home said, “The public has reached out to us nonstop for the last few days. It’s tremendous. It’s really amazing that they’re doing that. We’re prepared for thousands but it’s hard to say at this point.”

Sunday’s memorial is open to everyone who was touched by her zest for life. This meant some family and friends were in attendance, but also complete strangers.

While they may not have known Gabby, they say they felt like they did.

No pictures or videos are allowed and masks are required unless you’re vaccinated. Lisa Delio is from Ronkonkoma, New York. “I just feel close to her like, even though you don’t know her, do you feel like you do? She’s like everybody’s daughter,” Delio said.

There were blue bows and ribbons all to honor Blue Point, New York native Gabby Petito. Arianna Green came from West Milford, New Jersey for Gabby’s memorial service. “I think everybody when they found out what happened to Gabby it was just like they had a personal connection,” Green said.

The Youtube shared her travel journey with the entire world. Today, the world mourns her death with her family. James Schmidt is Gabby Petito’s stepfather. “It’s okay to mourn for Gabby, it’s okay to feel sorrow and pain. But we want to celebrate her and how she lived her life,” Schmidt. said.

Thousands of people also sang along to some of Gabby’s favorite songs as they played in the Moloney Funeral Home on Sunday. They were able to watch videos of Petito doing what she loved and full of life as they were honoring her love for life.

Joseph Petito is Gabby’s father. “If there’s a trip you guys wanna take, take it, now. Do it while you got the time. If there’s a relationship that you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now,” said Petito.

A reminder to make the most of every moment even when you’re feeling a little blue. “Life is short and that was definitely seen here so I definitely wanna make like my life worth living,” said Green.

In lieu of flowers, Gabby’s family is asking for donations to the future Gabby Petito Foundation. Donations can be made online at the

The family plans to have a private funeral service in the near future.

Reporter:Erika Jackson
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