5-year-old Ever Young is feeling great after one year of cancer treatment

Published: September 22, 2021 2:57 PM EDT
Updated: September 22, 2021 6:22 PM EDT

One year ago, we introduced you to a little girl diagnosed with cancer at the start of the pandemic. On Wednesday, we caught up with 5-year-old Ever Young and her and her dad, Jimmy Young, over a Zoom call to see how she’s doing.

She is now better than ever with a full head of hair and a calendar full of activities.

“My counts have been good,” she said.

She’s healthy, playing on a softball team, doing gymnastics, and in kindergarten – being a kid.

Ever still gets regular tests and chemo as an outpatient and is scheduled to finish treatment next summer.

Her dad said, “The hardest part has been actually getting into the hospital, but everything else has been perfectly great.

She said she wants to grow up to be a nurse and help other kids. And with Halloween coming up, we asked what she wants to be – to dress up as Sleeping Beauty.

Ever Young with her father in 2020.

Forty-three kids like Ever were diagnosed with cancer just this year, and most of those families can’t afford the cost of care. Golisano never turns anyone away, which is where all of us can pitch in. Because of Barbara’s Friends, no child is denied treatment or turned away as a result of their family’s inability to pay for care. Click here to donate or learn more.