Stormwater runoff focus of Blue-Green Algae Task Force meeting

Published: August 23, 2021 3:44 PM EDT
Updated: August 23, 2021 4:51 PM EDT

When it comes to water quality, the focus is typically on Lake Okeechobee releases, septic tanks, and fertilizer use.

However, as the state’s Blue-Green Algae Task Force covered Monday, stormwater runoff plays a big role too.

We’re all familiar with standing water on some of our roadways, back yards, and even parking lots after seasonal summertime storms, but it has to go somewhere.

It’s what’s in that runoff that can pollute our waterways and the issue the task force tried to tackle.

They heard from a committee focused on looking at stormwater area design and operations.

Blue-Green Algae Task Force member Dr. James Sullivan believes treatment and holding areas need more monitoring. “It’s something, if you just look around when you’re walking day by day, you see these everywhere in Florida. So obviously, if they’re in an area that is degraded, the water in them has too many nutrients in it or whatever plastics, whatever it happens to be. It’s a problem and we need to address it.”

You too can help cut back the damage done by stormwater runoff.

Don’t dump anything in storm drains, especially chemicals; clean up your yard waste; and keep drainage systems clear of debris so water can drain fast.