Teachers union sounding alarm on COVID-19 in Lee County schools

The Teachers Association of Lee County is calling for change, as it says the coronavirus “wreaks havoc” in schools. TALC sent a letter to The School District of Lee County’s interim superintendent expressing worry for staff and students.

The teachers union wants the District to return to one-way hallways and possible lunches in shifts. It says there’s no Lee Home Connect available, and the delta variant is impacting more kids.

In the letter to Interim Superintendent Ken Savage, the teachers union says measures taken last school year for COVID-19 seem to no longer exist. It said the union is receiving a lot of calls from concerned teachers.

The teachers union says there is a contractual obligation between the District and union to have a safe and secure environment for staff and students.

“We are at a point this year where we weren’t last year. We were effective in mitigating and controlling COVID at school. It wasn’t perfect, but it isn’t like it is right now,” said Kevin Daly, the president of Teachers Association of Lee County. “For me, it’s getting to a point we felt like we needed to say something to the District around what are we doing to keep things safe and sanitary for kids and staff.”

If conditions don’t improve, the teachers union says it will have no choice but to use all remedies available to it to protect staff and students.

We received a copy of the letter to the interim superintendent after school hours Friday. We reached out to the District just before 6 p.m. and have not heard back at this time.

MORE: TALC letter to Interim Superintendent Ken Savage

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