Fort Myers man arrested for social media threat against kids

Published: August 16, 2021 5:09 PM EDT
Updated: August 17, 2021 9:50 AM EDT

A Fort Myers man is under investigation for using social media to make a threat against children.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office believes Boyd Guard was upset about masks.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno says Guard has been arrested and says he did make threats.

Suspect Boyd Guard is escorted by deputies to Lee County Jail Monday, Aug. 16, 2021. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

There are deputies investigating Boyd, 68, and there’s a possibility that charges could be filed. LCSO confirms that the man was brought in for questioning regarding not one, but two threats he made. He was arrested later in the day.

“One of my biggest initiatives is safe kids, safe schools. Our children go to school to learn and they’re going to be safe. We have 100,000 kids that go to school here in Lee County, 6000 bus stops, 120+ schools our children are going to be safe,” Sheriff Marceno said.

“I made it very very clear from the minute I took office, safe kids, safe schools so anyone that thinks they’re going to throw in our kid in our school they’re going behind bars,” said Marceno.

First, Boyd created a Facebook post regarding kids last week. Then, he made a call to a school in Hernando County.

boyd guard mug
boyd guard Credit: LCSO

Sheriff Marceno confirms the man was upset about masks but did not go into more detail.

The sheriff also says the suspect does own weapons. The sheriff’s office’s legal team is looking into whether or not there is enough cause to use Florida’s red flag law to take them away.