Caught on Camera: Mom in shock after woman goes on vulgar rant in front of her family

Published: August 15, 2021 10:15 PM EDT
Updated: August 17, 2021 7:16 AM EDT

A mother in Collier County was left feeling shocked and unsettled after another woman launched into a vulgar and offensive rant against her and her kids. In this WINK News exclusive, she wants to know why someone would do that but feels she may never know why.

You can see in the video above that a woman used obscene language against kids. All of this happened from her car which was parked in the middle of a street.

Insult after insult is hurled at the family and the woman even begins using racial slurs.

“You and bleep your kids” and “you kids are so sad” are just some of the things that were yelled.

“Who would say that? Who would say that out loud screaming out of their car in front of these kids? Making these kids feel like you know something’s wrong with them,” the mom said.

This mother wanted to remain anonymous for her safety.

On Saturday, she was walking with her sons and stepson along Kings Lake Boulevard. This is near the Kings Lake Community in East Naples.

You can see the gray sedan circling the family, again and again, in the video. The driver finally stops, blares her horn and then begins verbally attacking the family.

“And starts yelling out of her window that we don’t belong in her neighborhood. That this was a private pathway when we’re on a public sidewalk,” she said.

She referred to the family as “white trash.” That started an exchange that lasted for several minutes.

Once it was all over, this mother says, she was watching her back. “We actually took the longest way back home possible so that we were in the public’s eye.”

Now, she’s warning others in the neighborhood to be careful. “Even when you’re in a safe neighborhood. You never know who’s out there and who’s going to say those things to your children, who’s going to say those things to you,” the mother said.

The mom says she has no clue who the woman was. She will be filing a report with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office on Monday morning.