Fort Myers city leaders to discuss annexing part of North Fort Myers

Fort Myers City leaders are discussing the idea of annexing at least part of North Fort Myers to make the unincorporated area part of their own city.

The two areas are currently separated by the Caloosahatchee River.

People like Deborah Cop and Charles Garretson choose to live in North Fort Myers to escape the so-called city life close by.

“I like that it’s more rural and not a city,” Cop said.

“Right now I would be worried about the city coming in here,” Garretson added.

Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson, said, “Some people think that the river is a natural barrier and it’s not.

Anderson told me the city is considering expanding Fort Myers’ boundaries across the bridge into North Fort Myers.

He said areas for the city to grow are becoming harder to find.

“We know at some point there will be no inventory. We’re just trying to look toward the future,” Anderson. “There hasn’t been that much development. It could be prime for those landowners to say ‘Hey, maybe by incorporating we could get some attention and we might be able to spur some growth.'”

Becoming a part of the city would mean neighbors could get city services like sewer, fire, and police.

But longtime residents like Cop and Garretson aren’t quite sold on the idea yet.

“I think that growth does good but then the taxes go up for the people that are middle class,” Cop said.

And residents would also have to follow any City of Fort Myers rules and regulations.

Reporter:Taylor Petras
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