Dustin Luther. Credit: Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

Woman finds Port Charlotte man sleeping in her father’s van

A woman was surprised to find a stranger sleeping in her father’s van Saturday in Englewood.

The woman opened the rear door of her father’s van outside of his Englewood home and discovered a man asleep inside and the glove compartment rummaged through. The man, later identified as Dustin Luther, 30, of Port Charlotte, awoke and exited the vehicle when the woman screamed. He was not wearing a shirt or shoes, but began to walk away from the home while making eye contact with a man taking care of the lawn. Luther then headed down a dirt road and out of sight.

The woman who found Luther ran back inside and told her father before locking the door, and calling 911. Charlotte County Sheriff’s deputies soon found him based on description. Luther told them he worked for the lawn maintenance person and that he sat in the vehicle to get out of the rain. It was a clear, sunny day, and the lawn maintenance man denied that Luther worked for him. When the victim identified Luther as the man in the van, he tried to change his story, but was placed under arrest.

Luther faces charges of burglary, resisting arrest without violence and violation of probation. He is currently being held at the Charlotte County jail and is ineligible for bond due to the violation of probation charge.

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