Security upgrades for Collier County schools

On Tuesday, the Collier County School Board will approve installing security fences at Golden Gate High School and Vineyards Elementary. CCSB says making sure that the students are as safe as possible within the confines of their school is one of the primary concerns coming into the school year.

Four agenda items at this meeting will go towards fence and security improvements at the two schools. Little is known about the specific improvements, but we do know that the fencing at Vineyards Elementary will go near the bus loop, where keeping track of students’ whereabouts is crucial.

“Fences are really important, because if the kids run off, those fences help to keep kids in,” said one parent who didn’t wish to be named. “Especially with, well, what we try to avoid are kids running off into traffic, especially with the long car line and parents aren’t really paying attention to kids running out; those fences will definitely help out.”

The School District of Collier County says it is constantly modifying and updating fencing and facility features on its over 50 campuses. It believes that improving that security is an everchanging conversation.

“You know, it’s easy for a kid to get separated from their class, or they hide in the corner of their classroom, so it’s important that even if they’re walking freely around campus that they’re still confined within the safety of the school grounds,” the same parent said.

Collier County schools won’t comment their extra security measures, saying they do not discuss items on agendas prior to board meetings.

Reporter:Michael Hudak
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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