Masks optional in Collier County upcoming school year

Published: July 27, 2021 4:45 PM EDT
Updated: July 27, 2021 11:33 PM EDT

Collier County Public Schools was in the process of laying out its plan for COVID-19 protocols during the upcoming school year Tuesday, and school board members heard from parents about what they want in the classroom.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is strongly against masks in the classroom, while the CDC is making an argument for people to wear them.

CCPS plans to stick with masks as an option as opposed to a requirement.

Parents we spoke to said they’re putting their trust in school leaders as they get ready to send their kids back into the classroom.

Sammi Treglown is looking forward to her daughter going back to school, especially without a mask.

“I’m ready for them to go, honestly,” Treglown said. “My daughter, she’s excited to just not have to wear it. There’s still the option that, if she wants to wear it, she can. But I think she’s just excited to see her friends faces and such.”

Jamie Crossan-Debres says her daughter will still be wearing a mask this school year.

“And I just feel like that’s, as her parent, that’s the best thing that I can do to support her safety, her little sister’s safety and her friends’ and our family’s safety,” Crossan-Debres said.

The school board’s current plan encourages masks for those who are unvaccinated and wearing them on school buses. Hand sanitizer and handwashing will play a major part in the plan, and the plan also emphasizes social distancing.

Treglown is fine with that.

“As long as kids are still able to enjoy and learn properly, I think that’s the bottom line of it,” Treglown said. “If they have to sit, you know, 3 feet or 6 feet whatever it is away from their friends, so be it. That’s probably better because then they won’t be distracted. You know?”

“I have full faith in the Collier County Public School Board,’ Crossan-Debres said. “I think they’re taking this very seriously, and I think they’re really keeping their pulse on it.”