Community members in Lehigh Acres rally for Cuban freedom in homeland

The chants for Cuban freedom aren’t stopping. Cuban=Americans and many others are still demanding the U.S. government’s help.

Community member lined the street in Lehigh Acres Tuesday rallying in solidarity with Cubans on the island nation. They want their loved ones to know what freedom feels like.

Many say they’re disappointed they’ve protested for 16 days and are still waiting for more to be done.

“We are just feeling desperate now,” Maria Davila said. “And we have our hopes really high, and we’re waiting anxiously, anxiously waiting that Biden, the U.S. government finally do something. It’s been going on 16 days that people are dying day-by-day. Not only one, but we have hundreds of people dying daily in Cuba.”

Community member don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. The organizer of the event in Lehigh said they’re planning on hosting another one outside of the Democratic Party of Lee County’s building.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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