Woman searches for owner of vintage photo she found at RSW

A woman in Southwest Florida discovered someone’s lost possession on the floor at the airport, and she decided to share to what she found on social media with the hope she will find the rightful owner.

Carrie Kerskie in Collier County was at South Florida International Airport recently when she discovered a vintage photograph on the ground. She didn’t want to throw it away or leave it for someone else to notice, so she took it upon herself to return it to the rightful owner.

“It’s a treasured memory that, unless you have it documented in this photograph, someone is never going to see it,” Kerskie said. “They are never going to remember it.”

Credit: WINK News.

Kerskie was dropping her daughter off at the airport when she saw the photo on the ground with no one to claim it.

“I’m not one who likes to throw away old photographs. I have books and boxes and tons of them stored in my house,” Kerskie said. “In my family, we love keeping pictures of family members. It tells the story and the history of that person.”

It could have easily been left on the ground or tossed into the trash.

Kerskie felt the black-and-white memory was meant to be shared.

“Just by looking at it, it looks like someone was homecoming queen or on prom court or something like that,” Kerskie said. “So I’m sure it’s a good memory someone would want to have some family or friends or grandkids.”

Kerskie decided to keep the picture and took to Twitter to try and find its owner.

“It looks like a special memento,” Tess Skocik said. “I hope that they are able to find that person and able to recover it.”

For anyone who wants to help Kerskie share the photo, it’s posted on the WINK News Facebook page, so it can be shared until the rightful owner is found.

“I thought someone might be missing it,” Kerskie said. “If I lost it, I would want someone to do it for me.”

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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