Cape Coral Police to purchase and install new license plate readers

Published: July 23, 2021 5:17 PM EDT
Updated: July 23, 2021 7:06 PM EDT

The Cape Coral Police Department is set to install six new license plate readers at strategic points throughout the city.

From the entertainment district to intersections near major bridges, you can find license plate readers at most entry and exit points to the City of Cape Coral.

Kamil Haytac says it provides an extra level of comfort. “It’s good for us for protection, for the people here,” Haytac said.

The purpose of the readers is to help catch criminals. And, with the success of the readers, the Cape Coral Police Department says it is looking to purchase more of them.

Phil Mullen is with the Cape Coral Police Department. “These LPR’s are used very specifically and targeted toward criminal behavior whether that be stolen cars, stolen tags. It points for the criminal behavior. It allows us to track where they are going to be and it’s a great tool for public safety,” Mullen said.

Cape PD plans to purchase six additional license plate readers and all will be placed along Pine Island Road.

“There’s going to be three new ones at Pondella and Pine Island Road and then also three new ones at Pondella and North E. 24th Ave,” said Mullen.

Cape Coral Police say the area is not only growing but that Pine Island Rd is also a major thoroughfare.

While the cameras may mean giving up a piece of privacy, with that you’re offered peace of mind.

Beth Lockhart lives in Cape Coral. “I have no problem with it. Anything that helps deter any kind of crime works for me,” Lockhart said.

Cape PD is using a $100,000 grant to purchase these new readers.