Caught on Camera: Young girl’s motorbike taken from Lehigh Acres home

On Friday night, a motorbike was taken from a home in Lehigh Acres and it was all caught on camera.

The man who stole it also tried to get into the family’s parked cars. This family says the suspect got a little too close for comfort.

10-year-old Addy Hall loves to ride her motorbike and she loves to go fast. Ever since she got it two months ago, it’s all she’s wanted to do.

But, Saturday morning when she woke up and found that her beloved bike had gone missing, she was devastated.

“I started crying,” said Hall.

The family’s security cameras caught the man in the act. You can see him in the video walking right up to the front door, then heading straight to the corner outlet where the dirt bike was sat charging.

Crystal Garza is Addy’s mom. “He came to my front door. Like what if he decided ‘let me try to open this door.’ Or ‘let me break in’ and we’re sleeping and we have no idea,” said Garza.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stop there. The man then checks the cars in the driveway. The security video shows him pulling on the driver’s side door, hoping the door was unlocked. Luckily, it wasn’t

“I have some things in there that are valuable and something told me to lock my doors. So I don’t always do that but now I’ll make sure I do,” said Garza.

Addy has a message for the man who took her bike. “If I was awake, I would have probably grabbed my dog and made him attack him,” she said.

That’s one way to keep him from doing this to another family.

Garza told WINK News that deputies told her they made an arrest in Hendry County and that the motorbike has been recovered. WINK News reached out to both the Hendry and Lee County Sheriff’s Offices but we have not yet heard back.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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