Passionate cries for US support of Cubans continues in SWFL

Passionate cries for freedom for Cubans continue to be heard in Southwest Florida. It’s been five days of protests in our region for the people of Cuba.

As protests continue, the governor is stepping up efforts to try and help the people on the island nation.

We witnessed a protest in solidarity for Cubans held near the Edison Mall in Fort Myers Thursday.

A crowd of people continued to be heard into the night giving speeches about how they say it’s time to stand up and help Cuba, holding signs that say “SOS Cuba” and waving the Cuban and American flags together. These protestors are demanding the U.S. intervene in Cuba.

“My heart is like a raisin right now. You know why? Because all we want is liberty and justice for all,” said Maria Davila, an organizer for the protest.

This crowd stood on the sidewalk in solidarity with together for their families in Cuba and their fight for freedom.

Fort Myers Mayor Kevin Anderson made an appearance and spoke to the crowd.

Many protestors have their eyes on President Joe Biden.

“We are asking Joe Biden to free the Cuban people,” Raul Almanza said.

Biden said he could help Cuba with its coronavirus crisis.

“I’d be prepared to give significant amounts of vaccine if, in fact, I was assured an international organization would administer those vaccines and do it in a way that average citizens would have access to those vaccines,” Biden said during an address.

Although the Cuban government lifted some customs restrictions on food and medicine, the internet remained shut down Thursday.

Protesters say this is a way to keep the island from communicating and showing their families and the world what’s going on.

“They’re hungry,” Amy Alamo said. “I’ve never been without a plate of food, but I’ve heard stories from my grandmother and my parents and everybody, and it’s very sad. This has to end.”

Protesters and Florida leaders say the U.S. can give Cuba that access back, but it’s in the president’s hands.

“We’re considering whether we have the technological ability to reinstate that access,” Biden said.

People at the Fort Myers protest say these rallies will continue until the world knows what’s going on and until Cuba is free. They say many are ready to go to Cuba and help. Another protest is set to take place Friday evening in downtown Fort Myers.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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