Attack caught on camera: Woman fends off robbery suspect at car wash

A woman was attacked by someone attempting to steal her purse at a Lee County car wash.

She was thrown to the ground and the attack was caught on camera.

Video surveillance shows the woman was cleaning her car when all of a sudden a man walks right up to her, pulls her out of her car, and slams her to the ground.

Then they fight for her purse but she won’t let go.

Instead, she kicks him, while he continues to pull the purse out of her hands.

The purse straps break and they both get off the ground but she still had the purse in her hands.

He threatens her again but then just walks away.

“Hats off to her,” said Bob Haley, owner of Spot on Carwash in south Fort Myers. “She didn’t give it up and she wanted to fight so he ended up taking off like the loser that he really is.”

When Haley got the call about the attack, he was angry.

“What goes through the mind of somebody like this, not right to begin with, you’re picking on a woman and someone half your size,” Haley said.

“I’m pretty proud of her,” Haley said of the woman for fighting back.

Bridget Greany washed her car in the same spot where the suspect attacked the victim a day earlier.

“I’m happy that the lady was able to break free and defend herself but it’s just scary,”  Greany said. “You’re in the middle of broad daylight, you know, who would think anything like that would happen.”

Haley is putting up $1,000 of his own money as a reward to find the suspect.

“You know, she’s a good person, certainly doesn’t deserve a thug like this,” he said.

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
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