2 lucky contest winners can take Virgin Galactic spaceflight in 2022

Published: July 12, 2021 6:11 AM EDT
Virgin Galactic's spaceplane VSS Unity glides toward landing after a test flight. VIRGIN GALACTIC - via CBS News.

Billionaire Sir Richard Branson had an out-of-this-world experience over the weekend, and you can join him on the next trip.

The founder of Virgin Galactic took off for space in his own rocket Sunday morning.
Branson, two pilots and three others took a 2,300 mph ride more than 50 miles up to touch the edge of space. Roughly an hour later, the VSS Unity space plane landed safely at Spaceport America.

“It was just like the most incredible dream,” Branson said. “We’re so lucky to have been able to participate in it.”

And now Virgin Galactic is offering a free ride to two contest winners. The company announced a partnership with charity fundraising platform Omaze which will put two people on a spaceflight expected to launch in early 2022. Branson will also give the lucky winners a personal tour of Spaceport America.

If you’re interested in seeing the final frontier in person, here’s where you can sign up for the chance. The contest is open until Sept. 1