Some Cape Coral homeowners facing water shutoffs post-Elsa

Elsa may have forced Cape Coral to put water shutoffs on hold, but starting Thursday, anyone who is more than 60 days overdue paying their bill could return home to find out they have no water.

The city told WINK News just over 2,300 customers are more than 60 days overdue, and it plans to disconnect 75 customers Thursday, mostly in lower southeast Cape Coral.

“Today, there are 72 accounts of the 72,000 that we have in the Cape that are going to have their water turned off,” said Bill Boyd, Cape Coral’s customer and field service manager.

Boyd said he doesn’t want to cut off anyone’s water, so it’s critical customers behind on their bill contact the city.

“We are working with customers and will continue working with customers in creating payment plan arrangements so that we can get their water turned back on if it’s been turned back off,” Boyd said.

For anyone who needs financial assistance, organizations such as United Way and Catholic Charities are ready to help.

“A third of our phone calls that have come in within, I would say, the past month have been Cape Coral, not only for utilities but also for rent,” said Paulina Matias, the director of Disaster Recovery Program. “With COVID-19, we have financial assistance available for those who have been impacted one way or another.”

Cape Coral says payment plan limitations will be relaxed through Sept. 1.

If you are one of those overdue customers, don’t panic. Cape Coral wants to get you on a payment plan. Call 239-574-7722 to learn more.

Click here for payment plan information that might be able to help you. For many of those programs, you are going to need your bill and proof of residency. The charities work directly with the utilities for payment assistance.

The organizations include:

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Taylor Wirtz
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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