How new small businesses grew during the pandemic

Starting a business during the pandemic sounds like a risky venture, but some entrepreneurs were able to build their businesses despite COVID-19.

WINK News spoke to a makeup artist, a woman who makes bath products and a man who sells pads drummers can practice on. All these young entrepreneurs found something they noticed there was a need for, or just something they were passionate about, and ran with it. A lot of the business relied less on the actual idea and more on the execution: Whether it’s doing things to make your business stand out, altering your perspective to realize a new business strategy, or not giving up on the difficult days, a proper strategy can take your business from an idea on paper to a flourishing company, even during a pandemic.

“It just made me pivot my mindset with my business model,” said Stormie Pruskauer, owner of Stormie Seas. “And I started just putting more work onto the website, putting more work onto the e-commerce side of things. And right now I’m just growing and developing a website that’s more personable, and customer engagement with the customers.”

All these businesses started as ideas in the Florida Gulf Coast University Runway Program, which they say has also played a key role to get them where they are today.

“So be comfortable pivoting, if you find yourself in a situation where you’re getting frustrated, you’re hitting the wall,” said Scott Kelly from the FGCU Institute for Entrepreneurship. “Sometimes it’s worth persevering. But sometimes there’s an easier avenue, one that’ll help you get to the next step without having to beat yourself up.”

Reporter:Taylor Wirtz
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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