2 unknown suspects on the run after attack on driver at stop light in Fort Myers

Surveillance cameras in Fort Myers captured a good look at two men accused of attacking a woman, and those men have not been apprehended by police.

Fort Myers Police Department says one of the unknown suspects tried to get into the woman’s car while she sat at a stoplight downtown.

Police detectives are pushing the images into public view as much as they can to help generate leads that will help them track these two men down.

On top of that, officers are going to every business downtown hoping someone has more surveillance video that might help them identify the two and make arrests.

“It’s completely insane is what it is,” said Brenda Johnson.

Police are working with images from the city’s Real-Time Crime Center. Detectives believe the unknown suspects left downtown in a car, and while at the stoplight, the man in the white hat and tank top tried to pull a woman out of her car. Crime scene technicians got fingerprints from the car, and they hope it will help them identify him.

Police are searching for this man they say attempted to assault a woman at an intersection. (CREDIT: via Fort Myers Police Department)
Police are searching for this vehicle in connection with an attempted assault near downtown Fort Myers on Monday. (CREDIT: via Fort Myers Police Department)

“It’s really horrible, particularly because this is a high tourist area,” said Andrea Morton, who was visiting Fort Myers.

“Makes you feel like you should be a little bit more cautious about what’s going on around ya,” said Robin Walters.

Walters said she knows the fear all too well.

“So I was leaving the grocery store, and this man just kind of spoke to me, and I continued to walk on, and before long, I noticed he was starting to catch up with me,” Walters explained. “And I started running, and I got in my car, threw my items across the seat, just shaking and locked the door, and by the time I got my door locked, he was beating on my car window. He then tried all my doors to get into my car.”

The women we spoke to worry that if the police don’t catch these suspects soon, they could do something worse.

“Never think something like that would happen,” Johnson said.

“I think once you get that far, it’s a little, you’re probably too far gone,” Morton said. “So hopefully, they find them.”

There were other people at the stoplight who saw what happened. Fort Myers police hope they will come forward.

Anyone with information can call FMPD or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-TIPS (8477) to leave an anonymous tip and become eligible for a reward of up to $3,000.

Reporter:Dannielle Garcia
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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