Car parade for a beloved teacher diagnosed with cancer

A beloved teacher received some life-changing news in the past week. Cindi Priebe was just diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer. On Sunday, her community came together to remind her that she isn’t alone.

Car horns honking means signs of support and gratitude for Priebe. She’s a teacher at Allen Park Elementary School.

“I have a fight for my life and I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of strength behind me now,” Priebe said.

She was diagnosed with stage-four pancreatic cancer on Friday. But, the diagnosis hasn’t dampened her spirit.

All thanks to the support from her family, friends and students she has taught in the past 30 years.

“I feel lucky and blessed and that’s how I feel. Because of all the people that have reached out to me. It means a lot when you realize you’ve touched that many people,” Priebe said.

That support was on full display Sunday morning with decked-out cars lined up for blocks, all to see Mrs. Priebe.

They were able to return the favor for all the support she’s given to them.

Bradley Ruiz is a fifth-grader. “She would always make sure we feel supportive and always made us feel good,” Ruiz said.

Shannon Smith is an art teacher at Allen Park. “She’s definitely has been the light in this school. She’s taught so many students they love her,” Smith said.

That love moved Mrs. Priebe to tears. “That’s what every teacher who teaches wants to do is make a difference in their student’s lives so that meant a lot to me. It meant everything to me actually,” said Priebe.

Those students made a difference in her life.

Priebe says she is going to beat cancer. She told her students before the diagnosis that they need to see her when she’s 100 years old and she still means it.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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