Stuffy returns home after a trip to Publix

Caiden Martinson isn’t much of a talker.

Not yet.

He’s a little guy who’s a little shy but he’s got a stuffed toy elephant that makes him feel safe.

“He’s had it since he was born and it’s called his stuffy,” said Zachary Martinson, Caiden’s dad.

Maybe when you were a kid you had a “bear bear,” a “bun bun” or a “binkey.”

But no matter what you called it you never forget how that friend made you feel.

“Carries it everywhere, he won’t sleep without it,” Martinson said.

Until a few days ago when Stuffy went missing.

Mom and dad called around and retraced their steps but no luck.

Until mom called Publix.

“They were excited to tell her that they still had it and held onto it for him because they know how important these things are,” Martinson said. “It’s small but it’s a good gesture because there’s a lot of bad stuff on the news right now and this just shows there’s still good people out there doing nice things for people.”

Caiden got his Stuffy back and fell asleep in his car seat all the way home.

The Martinson family hopes the employees at Publix know how grateful to have Stuffy back home.



Reporter:Sydney Persing
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