Logan Long, aka jusLo, appeared in ad spots during Wednesday night's NBA Playoff games. (Credit: itsjuslo/TikTok)

Cape Coral rapper makes appearances during NBA Playoffs

A Cape Coral rapper is making it big after hitting primetime with a spot during the NBA Playoffs.

WINK News first introduced you to Logan Long, aka jusLo, in August. Now, we’re talking to him about hitting it big and his famous three-word challenge in which he freestyles a rap when you give him just three words.

“My dad made a post yesterday that like almost made me cry, just about like how far I’ve actually come in, in this music thing.”

This music thing all started with a TikTok trend he created about a year ago. It got the attention of the NBA, and Long found himself doing a 15-second freestyle during Wednesday night’s Spurs-Grizzlies game. He was back again during the Lakers and Warriors. A huge audience that included LeBron and Steph saw him in action.

“To have my freestyle air on a commercial during that game. Like it just had so much more meaning, you know, you can’t put like a, like a price tag on it or whatever.”

And you can’t put a price on how quickly Long is able to put a rap together. Now that he has the NBA’s attention, his slam dunk is simple.

“The next step, hopefully, the next three years I want to be able to celebrity All Star game. That’s the next goal, for real.”

Now that’s a rap.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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