Lee County Waste Pro driver called a hero after helping crash victims

Published: May 19, 2021 5:09 PM EDT

He’s no average garbage man. In fact, some are calling him a hero after he helped people involved in a crash in Lee County over the weekend.

Rene Lieurance was driving his garbage truck when he saw the three-vehicle crash, with one vehicle on its side. He quickly jumped into action, breaking the windshield of the car so the people inside could safely exit.

Lieurance said he’s no hero; he was simply doing his job.

Ten years on the same route with the same routine.

“Same road, three times a day.”

It’s always the same for Lieurance, but Saturday, it was different.

“It was a little different after I got done. I was coming back from emptying the truck and pulled up on an accident.”

The crash was along SR-82 at Buckingham Road. Lieurance was among the first on the scene.

“There were two gentlemen stuck in the car that was on its side and we needed to get him out, and the only way to get them out was the windshield that was already broken, so I went and got my gloves and went over to the windshield and pulled the windshield out so he could get out safely.”

Why did he do it? He pointed to his truck. The signage on it reads “Proudly serving our community” and “Whatever it takes.”

“Exactly what it says. You want to do for your community; I think that’s what we are supposed to be doing as service providers and as human beings. We are supposed to be serving our community and fellow man.”

While he was first and got ’em to safety, he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“It was an effort with everybody there, it wasn’t just one person. It took everybody and I would say thank you to those people.”

Lieurance was back at it Wednesday, picking up trash on his same route with the same routine.

The Fort Myers Police Department said five people were treated for injuries, with two being taken to Lee Memorial Hospital as trauma alerts. One of those remained hospitalized Wednesday, according to police.

The driver who caused the crash was arrested on a suspicion of DUI. Police said he ran a red light.