Couple ventures out for first time during pandemic to celebrate 71st anniversary

John and Renate Schotsch have spent decades together.

The married couple celebrated their 70th anniversary under COVID lockdown, quarantined in their assisted living facility.

They set a nice table in a private room and dined on a meal from the dining hall, with a bit of scotch.

When you’re 90 and 97 years old each day is precious. Each anniversary more so.

This year, to celebrate their 71st wedding anniversary the couple went for lunch at Olive Garden. It was their first outing since the pandemic began.

“We just have a lot of caring thoughts for each other,” Renate said.

“Well she’s a dynamite lady,” John said.

This past year, the couple has held onto hope.

“We have come through it with shining colors,” Renate said.

For 71 years, they have held onto each other.

“One day at a time,” John said.

“No … what was the other thing you said? Yes, dear,” Renate said jokingly.

“You gotta know how to say yes,” John said.


Reporter:Anika Henanger
Writer:Melissa Montoya
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