Doberman in Collier County gives birth to 18 puppies

A Doberman in Collier County recently gave birth to 18 puppies. It isn’t quite a world record, but it’s still a lot!

The new mama gave birth to the puppies with no help from a veterinarian, and the pups will have a lot of company: there are five kids in the house.

Andrea Trammell already had her hands full at home, and her family has just expanded – by 18.

Eighteen screeching, 4-day-old furry kids, born to the family dog, Ginger, after 15 hours of labor.

“I just think that’s pretty phenomenal, how strong she is for doing this all by herself,” Trammell said. “I didn’t think we were going to have 18 so … it’s quite an adventure, I can tell you that.”

An exhausting adventure that includes bottle-feeding, daily weighing, and making sure all the puppies get enough to eat.

“I’ve been doing this myself and I am just a zombie with five kids and making sure that, you know, Ginger is OK and her puppies,” Trammell said.

“So in a sense, it’s just hard because you’re just so worried if one is going to survive and if they’re doing well.”

They are doing well, and although she’s stressed, Trammell does find moments of joy.

“She’s my pet, so she’s our family dog, and I just want her to be OK and I want her to be happy and she needs the help, and I am, you know, I feel obligated and I’m going to do that for her.”

Trammell said they’ll be keeping some of the puppies and finding good homes for the rest.

By the way, the biggest canine litter on record is 24 puppies. Guinness World Records said that litter was born via a Caesarian section on Nov. 29, 2004, in the UK to a Neapolitan mastiff named Tia.

Reporter:Rachel Cox-Rosen
Writer:Jackie Winchester
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