Small protest at Lee County school district wants schools to unmask children

The controversy over masking up is heating up at the Lee County School Board as a handful of protesters showed up at the school district’s building to protest their children having to wear a mask.

Ricky Reinoso, of Cape Coral, said he has mixed emotions about donning a mask.

Sarasota resident Alison Goergen knows where she stands on masks.

“Let’s get rid of these,” Goergen said.

That’s not what Lehigh Acres resident Patrick Dawson thinks.

“You gotta do, what you gotta do, you know,” Dawson said.

Sean Wilks, of Michigan, said when he goes to a restaurant “everyone around ya is still breathing all over the place. Outside or indoors.”

Now that the vaccine is out, so are the people who wore masks all day at work.

“I’m personally vaccinated and I feel like other people are, so I feel like we’re getting to the point where we can transition out of this,” Goergen said.

But Southwest Florida schools aren’t budging on masks yet and some parents are OK with that.

“I’m pretty much doing what they tell me,” said Scott Gloden, of Winter Park. “Not worrying about it too much. They’re used to wearing it.”

Theresa Liu thinks it’s clear.

“Just wear your mask, it’s no big deal,” Liu said. “Why not? That’s what I believe.”


Reporter:Anika Henanger
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