How to apply for a $50 internet bill subsidy

Keeping your family connected doesn’t come cheap, but you could save a good chunk of money on your internet bill thanks to a new discount program.

The Federal Communications Commission just announced the Emergency Broadband Benefit, to help families make ends meet and pay for internet access. The pandemic made it crucial for us to have the internet at home, to work remotely during stay-at-home orders and for our kids to get classwork done when they were forced to move to remote learning. You may remember images of students outside a Taco Bell in California, trying to connect to Wi-Fi because their families couldn’t afford home internet.

You can sign up for a $50 subsidy toward your internet bill starting May 12, and there are a few ways to apply. You do have to fall into certain income brackets or have suffered substantial income loss because of the pandemic.

To check if you qualify and to get signed up and save, click here.

Reporter:Therese O'Shea
Writer:Joey Pellegrino
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