More than 10,000 pounds of dead fish picked up from Charlotte County shores

Published: April 22, 2021 6:09 PM EDT

Charlotte County is facing a water crisis as numerous dead fish are washing up on the shores of Charlotte Harbor.

Notices warning of red tide have been placed at Bayshore Live Oak Park and Port Charlotte Beach Park.

Crews have been picking up the carcasses, but the smell lingers.

According to Brian Gleason, communications manager with Charlotte County, on Tuesday, 3,720 pounds of dead fish were scooped up.

On Wednesday, it almost doubled to 6,320 pounds of dead fish.

The crews are focusing on Bayshore Live  Oak Park and Port Charlotte Beach Park.

“It smells like, it just smells like fish,” said Steve Arnold, of Sarasota. “There’s no other good way of putting it. It’s not pleasant.”


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