Scam alert: Beware of jobs that sound too good to be true

With more people getting vaccinated and traveling again, jobs are opening up around Southwest Florida.

In fact, some places are even offering bonuses to fill the positions
And crooks are cashing in on those looking to get hired again.

Job seekers need to be on the lookout for the job that sounds just a little too good and asks for just a little too much personal information.

There are a lot of postings for positions right now and the vast majority are legitimate.

But, scammers are trying to find a way to take advantage of people during this time.

They are adding posts online or in print promising good jobs, many of them work-from-home jobs. But they just want you to submit personal and identifiable information.

Their goal is to steal your identity and get to your bank accounts.
A couple of tips to protect yourself from these scammers.

  • The “at-home,” big-money job is probably fake.
  • Never pay to get a job.
  • Don’t use a check sent to you before you have a job.
  • Mentioning undisclosed government jobs.
  • Research potential employers.
  • Be careful posting a complete resume with all your data online.
  • If you think someone is trying to scam you report it to law enforcement.


FTC offers tips on avoiding job scams

Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information on job scams

Reporter:Rich Kolko
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