WastePro says it’s close to resolution plan for trash pickup issues in Cape Coral

Published: April 7, 2021 9:48 PM EDT
Updated: April 7, 2021 10:25 PM EDT

Concerned community members heard from WastePro at the Cape Coral City Council meeting Wednesday, as neighbors in parts of the city continue to be stuck with garbage that has not been picked up by the service for weeks.

Monday, WastePro says it will have an action plan ready for city council about how it will fix these pickup problems and how long it will take.

We reported WastePro representatives explained a nationwide driver shortage has affected trash pickup in neighborhoods locally and out of state.

Regardless, the City of Cape Coral already put the trash pickup service on notice it could run into fines for each household that doesn’t have garbage picked up.

Cape Coral residents affected by this said they won’t feel optimistic until they start seeing their neighborhoods cleaned up.

WastePro says it’s actively recruiting more drivers, even offering bonuses and increasing benefits. WastePro says, in a number of ways, the pandemic slimmed down its workforce.

People in the community are ready to see their streets clean.

“I think they should get rid of them,” Mike Vastarelli said. “I think they should bid it out again and see who we get.”

WastePro hired two subcontractors and is paying them approximately $250,000 a month. The company say it hopes to be all caught within the next two months.

“Whatever it takes to get that done, we should do it,” Mark Herron said.

The City of Cape Coral is looking at the possibility of fining WastePro, but said it will hold off for the rest of April in expectation of seeing progress made.

“I had a friend come down two weeks ago, and they made comments, ‘What’s all the trash? What’s with that?,’” Herron explained. “I was embarrassed.”

The city also told WastePro it expects weekly updates from it on the plans being put in place.

Waste pro says, in the near future, its subcontractors will be up to speed and ready to help get all the trash picked up.