Naples City Council delays discussion on future of hotel property

Published: April 7, 2021 4:45 PM EDT

The Naples City Council on Wednesday voted to delay discussions over the future of the historic Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club property.

The project has been a hot topic in Naples since the property was sold. Now, the developer, The Athens Group, wants to change the dimensions of the project on more than seven acres of the beachfront property, adding new subdivision tracts.

The City Council is trying to figure out if changing the land requirements is a good idea.

Some of the outrage from residents stems from a picture of the reimagined golf course from a sales brochure for the developer’s condos. It shows the 18-hole course downsized to 10 holes and plans to add a sports park complete with pickleball courts and a rock-climbing wall.

The Athens Group said they’re in no way trying to propose new developments on any of the land.

The City Council ultimately decided 5-2 Wednesday to hold the discussion at a later date.