Woman says man exposed himself to her in Walgreens parking lot in Lehigh Acres

Published: April 6, 2021 10:13 PM EDT
Updated: April 7, 2021 8:56 AM EDT

Monday, Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a man who exposed himself to a woman at a Walgreens parking lot in Lehigh Acres.

According to the LCSO report, a man yelled, “Hey,” to try to get a female shopper’s attention at the pharmacy parking lot. That’s when she told investigators the unknown suspect exposed himself to her.

“It makes me feel very scared,” Valorie Summerall said. “It’s crazy.”

Summerall said she probably would have reacted the same way as the woman who made the report, who ran back inside the store after she encountered the man.

“I would be terrified,” Summerall said. “I would be calling 911.”

Investigators say the woman was walking back to her car when she noticed a man parked next to hers. The report says he was smiling while touching himself.

When the woman went back inside the Walgreens, she dialed 911 on her phone.

Rich Kolko, WINK News Safety & Security Specialist, says she did the right things every step of the way. She was aware of her surroundings, went back inside where she’d be around others and called 911.

“After that, the best thing you can do is be a good witness,” Kolko explained. “What did the person look like? What was the car? Can you get a license plate? What direction did they drive often? These are all things that will help law enforcement as they conduct the investigation.”

“This is not cool,” Summerall said. “This is not right, and whoever that gentleman is, I’m sure there are cameras. Please, get him.”

The details provided in the report described the unknown suspect as a white man in his 40s, who was bald.

The woman he is accused of harassing told deputies she would like to press charges.