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Lee County power companies moratorium expires Thursday

You don’t have to worry about losing your water and power during the pandemic: The “utilities moratorium” in Lee County that kept power companies from turning water and power off during the pandemic expires Thursday, but Cape Coral is giving families around 60 days’ notice for when shutoffs continue.

Lee County Electric Cooperative will turn off the lights if necessary, but if you can’t pay your bills, the company will work with you.

“Even outside of COVID[-19], we always work with our customers,” said Karen Ryan with LCEC. “There’s different things that they can do, you know: We can refer them to assistance, but they also can make payment arrangements and pay over time.”

Florida Power and Light is waiving bills and offering payment extensions; they’ll help you take care of your bills if you’re too far behind.

If you need more help, Lee CARES money is still available, but you need to be able to prove COVID-19 is the reason you cannot pay your bills.

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