Waste Pro hiring subcontractor to help with driver shortage in Cape Coral

There are many neighbors in Cape Coral who are tired of waiting for a solution to their trash pickup woes.

Waste Pro says it’s hiring subcontractors to help deal with its driver shortage, and at the same time, the company says it’s actively recruiting new ones.

We spoke to Division Manager Bill Jones with Waste Pro Tuesday, who said he hears the concerns from neighbors in Cape Coral. He says the driver shortage is something the company is experiencing nationwide.

“We have recently brought in some subcontractors to help out with the bulk pickup, said Bill Jones, a Waste Pro division manager. “We’ve got some additional trucks on the road helping there. We’ve got some other subcontractors that are trying to get lined up here this weekend next week.”

Neighbors are tired of seeing a line of garbage down their streets.

“I want to see that the people get what they pay for,” James Mulkey said. “I can’t see them, even myself paying for something that I’m not receiving.”

Barbara Anderson is over it too, who has claimed it’s been five weeks with no trash pickup at her home.

“It’s frustrating,” Anderson said. “Why do I have to keep calling every week? It should be something that’s taken care of right away.”

Cape Coral asks anyone with a Waste Pro complaint to call 311. That’s the city’s citizen action hotline.

Waste Pro says, for anyone interested in a position, the company will train prospective drivers and pay for state testing an certification.

Jones knows Waste Pro is on the clock. The city gave the company 30 days to fix things or face daily fines.

“We’re in sort of an unusual environment right now with the pandemic layered on top of everything else that’s going on,” Jones said. “It’s somewhat of an emergency situation. I’m not sure if fines are the best way to do it.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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