New Android update could allow criminals to hack into your phone

If you have an Android device you may not want to download the latest security update. Downloading this update could allow hackers to control your phone.

Mobile security company Z-Labs says this is a malware attack disguised as a system update.

Researchers say that once the update takes control of an Android device, it can steal data, images and messages. It can also allow hackers to record your phone calls, take pictures without you knowing, monitor your location and review your browsing history, among other things.

Lastly, it can do damage undetected by hiding icons from your device’s menu.

There are a few things to do so you can protect yourself:

  • Z-labs says to stay away from third-party software sites
  • Before accepting an update, find out exactly where the update is coming from
  • If the update is from the Google Play store, it’s probably okay

One tell-tale sign of this scheme is any Android update that is offered in the form of a new, self-contained app. Android updates do not operate that way.

Reporter:Rich Kolko
Writer:Drew Hill
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