Track worker pulls racecar driver from burning vehicle at Hendry County Motorsports Park

A man became a hero when he stepped in to save a racecar driver from his burning vehicle.

A dramatic racetrack rescue was caught on camera when a car burst into flames while rounding a turn at Hendry County Motorsports Park.

Racecar driver Devin Register says he’s alive thanks to good Samaritan Ernie Turner. The two now share a bond for life.

“I’ve smacked a wall a few times, but other than that, no fire, nothing upside down, nothing like that,” Register explained.

As a racecar driver, Register’s night started out like any other — driving around the Hendry County speedway and racing to get to the lead.

Then, his car caught fire.

“Flames just kept coming to the floor,” Register said. “I was stuck in the car, and my steering wheel was stuck. It wouldn’t come off. I couldn’t get my window open. I was just trying to get my helmet off, so I could go out the other side of the car, and that wasn’t working out neither.”

A broken fuel injector was to blame.

Register would have been stuck and left to burn until, suddenly, his saving grace came to the rescue.

“If it weren’t for, Ernie I’d probably burn to death in that car,” Register said.

Turner works at the track. Up until the moment the car went up in flames, he’d never met Register.

“Getting him out of the car, that was my main thing was trying to make sure he gets out of the car with no injuries,” Turner said.

“He just grabbed me by my helmet and neck restraint and drug me out the window,” Register recalled.

Register says he escaped with a few burns and scrapes, but he’s OK. We asked if he plans to race again, and he said he plans to get back on the track for the coming weekend in another car.

That night, Register says his perspective on life changed.

“I really appreciate what he done for me,” Register said. “Not many people are going to dive face first in a fire to get somebody that they don’t even know out of a car.”

Reporter:Brea Hollingsworth
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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