A Southwest Florida cat is in line to become next Cadbury Bunny

Published: March 22, 2021 7:48 PM EDT
Updated: March 23, 2021 4:05 PM EDT

“Pepa the cat” is in line to become the next Cadbury Bunny. Pepa has already beat out thousands of other pets that are vying for the honor.

The goal is for Pepa to star in Cadbury’s Easter commercial. And his parents, Kat and Bobby Sanne, are taking his newfound fame one day at a time.

Some describe Pepa as defying all odds.

“People just stare, and they’re in amazement because they can’t believe it’s a cat,” his mom said.

Port Charlotte’s very own “Pepa the cat” can swim, sing, drive, and he even has his own motorcycle and car.

“He’s like a stuffed animal. He’s mellow. He just sits. He’ll do anything you want him to do,” Bobby said.

Pepa’s parents figured there’s nothing left that he can’t do.

“Well, I happened to see it online and thought, ‘Why not?'” Kat said.

Fast forward, and now he’s competing to be the new Cadbury Bunny. He has already beat out 12,000 pets across the country to be the new face and ears of the beloved chocolate Easter egg in this year’s commercial.

“There was alpacas, llamas, a frog, cows, goats, you name it, dogs, a variety of animals,” his mom said.

“I’m amazed how good he’s done actually,” said Bobby, Pepa’s dad.

“People from France were voting. Yeah, it was pretty incredible,” Kat said.

Pepa made it into the top 10, and Tuesday, he’ll discover if he’s made it to number one.

“I’m ready. I was waiting for the egg truck to pull up today actually,” said Bobby laughing.

So if you’re not a cat person, or a Cadbury Egg person, this might be hard for you to “get.”

But for Pepa and his parents, it’s not just about the gig.

“HollyWoof Animals Actors actually. He’s got an agent,” Kat said.

It’s also about giving people something to be happy about.

“We’ve stayed home most of the time. We haven’t went anywhere, so this was fun to get out with him and make people smile again,” his mom said.

“I think people need something happy to see right now,” his dad said.

If Pepa does become the next Cadbury Bunny, he’ll obviously be the star of this year’s commercial. But he’ll also win $5,000. Mom and dad say they’ll spend that money on litter, food and a new cat motorcycle.