WWII veteran turns 95 as community celebrates

WWII veteran Ed Yerdon turned 95 on Saturday and his family and friends wanted to make sure it was extra special.

It began with asking the community to send him birthday cards, but they believed he deserved so much more.

So family and friends organized a birthday parade for Yerdon with Tice Fire and Lee County sheriff’s deputies, and about a dozen of his neighbors.

After being inside for a year due to COVID-19, they knew the cards would bring a smile to his face.

Cheryl Fullon organized the parade. “It just fills your heart, to show their love and support, especially for our veterans.”

Not only is Yerdon a veteran and grandfather, but he’s also a great-grandfather. Fullon says he’s been like a second dad to her since he’s been in her life since she was 2 years old.

“He’s just always been in my life and this was a special day for him. Not everyone turns 95 and is a World War II veteran.”

Just being there to cheer him on was everything.  “We love you. You are the bomb. We appreciate you and everything even way back,” she said.

Yerdon said he never thought he would make it to 95.

While he did receive a few dozen birthday cards, he hopes more are on the way even after his birthday ends Saturday.

“Cheryl, thank you for everything,” he said.

If you’d like to send him a birthday card, here’s how.

Reporter:Andrea Guerrero
Writer:Drew Hill
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