1 dog killed after pit bull attacks pets, owners at Cape Coral park

Published: March 15, 2021 11:21 PM EDT
Updated: March 16, 2021 7:45 AM EDT

Two dogs were attacked separately as their owners tried everything they could to protect their beloved pets. One of the dogs didn’t make it. Still, the quick thinking of a police officer helped one service animal and its owner.

Sunday morning, Cape Coral Police Department responded to a violent pit bull at Del Prado Linear Park in Cape Coral. Investigators say the animal killed one dog and then attacked a service dog and its owner too.

Other dog owners who walk their pets on the trail every day say this is scary for them to hear. Mike Almazan and Jayden Wood frequent the linear park to walk their dogs. They say it’s nice and safe, so they are saddened to hear about the deadly attack by a pit bull.

“It’s terrible,” Wood said. “You don’t want to see that happen.”

“Really sad to hear it because this is my, you know, my area where I take my dogs on the daily basis,” Almazan said.

According to the report, a pit bull got away with one of an elderly woman’s two dogs, took it to a vacant lot and killed it.

“That’s a sad situation,” Almazan said. “I’m a dog lover, and to hear something like that, it’s heartbreaking.”

When an officer showed up, he tried to get the pit bull in his patrol car, but the dog ran across the street and attacked a service dog and its owner. The pit bull’s owner was still nowhere to be found at that time.

“The owner, I mean, that’s their fault,” Wood said. “They really didn’t watch out for their dog and safe guard it or anything like that.”

Wood and Almazan say they will continue to walk their dogs on this trail, but they will keep this vicious attack in the back of their minds while they do.

“I’ll definitely keep a shorter leash on my dogs, and I’ll definitely be more careful,” Wood said.

“Hopefully this will be the last time this happens,” Almazan said.

According to the report, a Lee County Animal Control officer removed the pit bull from the park, scanned the dog’s chip and found the owner. That owner said they had no idea the dog got out and ran away, and they received a citation.

The status of the pit bull is unknown at this time.