School District of Lee County has shortage of substitute teachers

The School District of Lee County is facing a shortage of substitute teachers amid a struggle to fill teacher vacancies.

Many substitute teachers are refusing to work due to COVID-19. A school district spokesperson says the sub count is down by 5% to 10%.

Marvin Goetz, president of the Lee County Association of Substitute Teachers, says it’s because those who haven’t been working since the start of the school year aren’t eligible for the vaccine at federal sites.

He feels if the vaccine were offered to all substitutes, it would eliminate the shortage of substitute teachers the district is facing.

He says since substitute teachers are continuously going to new places and seeing new people, they should be a top priority for the vaccine.

“The average substitute teacher goes to various buildings, they take the calls as come in as a teacher is absent, and it could be anywhere in any building, K through high school.”

The school district says they’ll soon survey substitute teachers to see what their interest is in the vaccine and then begin to schedule appointments through the Department of Health.

For information on becoming a “guest teacher” with the School District of Lee County, click here.

Reporter:Gail Levy
Writer:WINK News
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