Memorial for Enedino, Keanna and Aryana Galindo along State Road 80 in Hendry County. Credit: WINK News.

Family thankful for arrest in crash that claimed 3 loved ones

A mother is one step closer to justice after the suspect accused of drunk driving in the crash that killed her husband and two daughters is behind bars. While it’s a step, it will not bring her children or the love of her life back home.

Brenda Galindo told us her daughter’s classmates went out to where the crash happened on State Road 80 in Hendry County and set up a memorial. She told us she’s extremely thankful they did that. She now goes out there, sits down and talks with her husband, Enedino, and two daughters Keanna and Aryana.

The father and two daughters were killed in a crash in January while backing out of a home’s driveway onto SR-80 when investigators says suspect Anne Marie Lang was driving at more than 100 mph when her vehicle crashed into the family’s. Enedino and Aryana were killed in the crash, and Keanna was taken to the hospital where she later died.

With the news of the arrest, Brenda told us she still feels like her life is falling apart.

“Sometimes, I’ll be waiting by the window, just wishing for them to come back,” Brenda said. “But I know that they’re not going to come back no more.”

Time has not healed the wounds for Brenda Galindo after losing her husband and two daughters in the crash less than two months ago.

“I’m just glad that she’s locked up,” Brenda said. “That’s what I’m worried about. I just want justice for my husband and for my girls because I know they’re not coming back.”

“Her being behind bars and everything isn’t going to change anything that happened,” sister Anastasia Galindo said. “Life isn’t going to be the same because we’re constantly reminded of them. Everything we do is them. It’s just them.”

The family says they’re happy Lang is behind bars. They don’t want her to have a chance to do what she is accused of to anyone else. But they say life is much more painful without Enedino, Keanna and Aryana by their side.

The Galindo family and their attorney told us they’re thankful for the quick work of Florida Highway Patrol to put Lang behind bars.

“Thank God I got her,” Brenda said of her daughter, Anastasia. “And I got my grandkids, and I still got one more son. There’s days that I want to give up, but I can’t because I’ve got my grandkids, and I got my two other kids.”

Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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