Parents step up to host alternate proms for high school seniors in Charlotte County

It’s been a tough school year for high school seniors, with annual events canceled or events still up in the air. So parents are stepping in to make sure one spring tradition goes on, but not as we’re used to seeing it.

It’s the last semester of Cheyenne Scena’s senior year at Charlotte High School. She’s been dreaming of this moment.

“My graduation ceremony, that’s the biggest thing you think about when you are a child, and prom and homecoming and spirit week,” Cheyenne said.

But those events are either canceled or up in the air.

“There are a lot of students at Charlotte High School rubbing shoulders every day in the hallway, in the classrooms and lunchrooms, and we don’t understand why we can’t have a dance for a select few,” said Jenifer Scena, Cheyenne’s mother.

If the school district won’t make it happen, Jenifer says she and other charlotte high school parents will. They’re planning a prom, a senior speakeasy for juniors and seniors.

“Quite honestly, it would mean so much more than an actual prom hosted by the school,” Jenifer said.

They need to raise about $6,000 dollars to make it happen.

Lemon Bay High School parents are planning something similar for seniors, and they turned to Danny Duncan for help, a YouTuber and Lemon Bay alumnus.

Because he kicked in cash, tickets for all Lemon Bay students will be free.

“It’s important as a student and a kid,” Duncan said. “You got to have the experience.”

It’s an experience Cheyenne will remember for a lifetime.

“We didn’t have much, but we had this,” Cheyenne said. “And it was big, and it was worth it.”

Masks will be required to enter and exit the Lemon Bay students’ alternate prom. Masks are encouraged for the Port Charlotte High School’s unofficial “Prom 2021 a Night Under the Stars.



Reporter:Erika Jackson
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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