Sanibel Island beach. Credit: WINK News.

Sanibel elects 3 new members to city council

The City of Sanibel held its municipal election Tuesday to fill three Sanibel City Council seats.

Incoming councilmen John Henshaw, Mike Miller and Dr. Scott Crater were elected to city council. They will join Vice Mayor Holly Smith and Councilman Richard Johnson as the elected leaders of Sanibel.

Credit: Lee Elections.

Three seats were vacant on council, as longtime council member Mayor Mick Denham and council members Chauncey Goss and Jerrold Muench chose not to continue serving on city council.

Henshaw, Miller and Crater will all be sworn in during a March 16 meeting, and a new Sanibel mayor and vice mayor will also be chosen.

Writer:WINK News
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