Memorial forms in Lehigh Acres after 13-year-old dies in dirt bike crash

A 13-year-old was killed in a mini dirt bike crash on Monday in Lehigh Acres. Now, a memorial is forming at the intersection of Gordon Ave and Seventh Street as a community mourns this loss.

Pictures, candles and flowers have all been left at this intersection by loved ones of the victim. But, even those who may not have been close to him are still feeling his loss.

“Even though we really didn’t know him but we’re neighbors,” said a mother who lives near the crash site.

Crash investigators say that the 13-year-old boy was driving a mini dirt bike when it hit a truck at the intersection of Gordon Ave and Seventh St. in Lehigh Acres.

The mother of four who lives near the crash scene didn’t want to give her name or show her face but sympathizes with the family, particularly the boy’s mother.

“That’s the fear of every mom. We go to work last thing you want to hear is a phone call from a police officer or the hospital saying hey something happened you might want to make your way over here,” she said.

The scene at this intersection leaves a listing picture.

“Everyday memories are going to come by like he could’ve made a different choice or whatever the case was but it’s sad,” she added.

Mike Cosby drives a motorcycle and says he has had multiple close calls, one being just blocks away from his intersection.  He’s hoping that people will drive more carefully.

This neighborhood doesn’t need any more memorials.

“It’s just too dangerous around here. People don’t pay attention so you know my advice is, open your eyes you know look before you pull out,” Cosby said. “They just don’t look.
Go your speed limit. There’s no need to rush on small little tight roads like this no need to rush slow down. There’s a lot of kids playing out there,” Cosby said.

That mother of four says she will use this crash to teach her kids to be extra careful on the streets.

Someone who knew the victim described him as an amazing kid who is gone too soon.

Reporter:Zach Oliveri
Writer:Drew Hill
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