Some SWFL beaches still seeing higher red tide concentrations

There are some beaches in Southwest Florida beachgoers will likely want to avoid because of red tide alerts.

There was a red tide alert for Bonita Springs Beach Park and South Seas Plantation Beach on Captiva Friday.

Beachgoers we spoke had not experienced any noticeable effects of red tide. Most said they were aware red tide was still blooming, but they did not notice any itchy eyes, coughing, or runny noses the past few days.

That was good news for Jim Thalls because he has a health condition and knows when the red tide gets really bad he can’t go to the beach.

“I can tell it two miles away,” Thalls said. “I’m feeling good, and I’ve got a lung disease, and if the red tide was here, I would not be here. It cuts down my oxygen.”

Florida Department of Health reminded members of the public, if you do start feeling symptoms, it is best to leave the beach.

If you choose to stay, your mask is recommended to help.

The next complete red tide status report will be released next Friday.

Reporter:Taylor Smith
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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