Fire destroys mobile home in Suncoast Estates in North Fort Myers

North Fort Myers Fire Control & Rescue Service District responded to a fire that destroyed a double-wide mobile home in the Suncoast Estates community of North Fort Myers Wednesday night.

Crews were at the scene of the fire in the 7900 block of Hart Drive, south of Gish Lane.

The fire was put out, but the home was a complete loss.

Everyone in the home was able to get out; however, there is a missing pet whose status and whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Six people lived at the home. Joseph Davis told us the fire began in the landlord’s room, and she uses oxygen tanks in her daily life. Davis told us he lost everything.

“I was telling them to kick the door open because she was inside. The fire was in her room,” Davis said.

Davis says if he didn’t act quickly, he fears his landlord wouldn’t be alive.

“She would have been in there, and she’s an elderly lady, kind of heavy, you know what I’m saying?” Davis said. “So she couldn’t walk.”

Davis didn’t think about putting himself in danger, only getting her out quickly.

“I seen flames, and the flames were towards her door, so we had to kick the door in,” Davis said. “I had kicked the door in and get her out.”

Davis says after he got her out, he wanted to go back in to save his belongings, but that’s when he says he heard his landlord’s oxygen tanks exploding.

“We heard one of them blow too,” Davis said. “So after we hear that, I know that I couldn’t go back in to get my stuff, so I had to stay out.”

Instead, Davis could only stand outside the home watching as everything he owned was destroyed by the fire.

“It’s my belongings. That’s all I had, you know what I’m saying?” Davis explained. “I have nowhere to stay, and that was my only residence, you know? All my stuff is gone.”

Davis told us he doesn’t have any friends or family to stay with, and the clothes on his back were the only things he has left to his name.

It’s not yet confirmed, but it was likely American Red Cross would respond to the individuals displaced by the fire who did not have anywhere to stay.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

North Fort Myers firefighters respond to a house fire in the 7900 block of Hart Drive in North Fort Myers Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2021. Credit: WINK News.
Reporter:Justin Kase
Writer:Jack Lowenstein
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