Driver arrested for hitting pedestrian during Naples parking lot feud

Collier County deputies say a simple car meet-up led to a person getting hit and the driver leaving the scene.

It happened Friday night at the Carillon Shopping Plaza near Pine Ridge and Airport-Pulling Road in Naples.

Tim Eamrucksa says he and a group of people were just hanging out and talking about cars when a woman they didn’t know came up and asked them for gas money.

“It was random. It just happened so quick,” Earucksa said.

The group told her they didn’t have any spare cash. That’s when the woman started arguing with a teenage girl in the group.

Of course, Eamrucksa didn’t expect anything to come of it. “I didn’t expect none of that to happen though. I just thought it would blow over.”

Eamrucksa said the lady who asked for money began to attack the teenage girl and punched her.

“Everybody started getting in, and after that is where the guy with the other car hit him,” he said.

Collier County deputies haven’t told WINK News who was driving the blue car, but that the driver rammed into a man in the parking lot. And they didn’t stop – they actually went after more people.

“He almost hit two of my other friends right behind me,” Eamrucksa said.

The driver did leave the scene but was later arrested, deputies said.

“It just didn’t feel real. It was happening so fast,” Eamrucksa said.

He says the person who was hit by the car is doing OK and was able to walk away with just bruises.

WINK News is working to learn the name of the driver who was arrested.

Reporter:Andryanna Sheppard
Writer:Drew Hill
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